Day 332, Year 5 Back Home at Sakatia
Date: Thursday, September 23, 2010
Weather: Yet Another Beautiful, Sunny Day
Location: Nosy Sakatia, NW Madagascar

We are back in the Sakatia Towers anchorage and ready for our trip to South Africa. Our first order of business, however, is to enjoy every last minute while here. We invited John and his wife Heidi from Sakatia Towers to come to Windbird for dinner tonight and we also invited Lynne and Ed of Constance. Mark and I went up to the Sakatia Towers deck to have a beer with John while Heidi did her last afternoon swim and then we took them out to Windbird where Ed and Lynne joined us. We had a great evening watching the full moon rise. This is our fourth full moon in Madagascar and our next should be on our passage to South Africa.

While Mark and Ed completed the check out procedure this morning, I walked the streets of Hell-ville trying to capture the feel of the town by clicking away on my camera. Hell-ville is a kicky little town with so many different nationalities thrown into the mix. I did my last shopping, sent some post cards, and then met Mark and Ed on the wharf where we headed back out to our boats. We said our last goodbyes to the Hell-ville boat boys-Julian, Johnny, and Romero. And off we went.

Our hope for tomorrow is to snorkel along the headlands and try to get photos of the elusive angelfish that we see there, and then we will head out into the channel where we saw such fantastic sights during the new moon low tide. We’ll do the same on Saturday and then celebrate John’s birthday on Sunday before heading south on Monday morning.

100923 Day 332 Nosy Be, Madagascar–Last Glimpses of Hell-ville