Day 313, Year 5 Nosy Sakatia to Nosy Mitsio
Date: Saturday, September 4, 2010
Weather: Beautiful Day with No Wind
Latitude: 12 54.412 S
Longitude: 048 34.663 E
Location: Nosy Mitsio, NW Madagascar

It was a lovely day with calm seas, but we had to motor the full thirty-eight miles from Nosy Sakatia to Nosy Mitsio as there was absolutely no wind. We followed Pioneer out of the Sakatia anchorage at 6 am and arrived here just before 3 pm. Bruce, Nadine, and Tristen on Pioneer saw whales on the way, but we did not. We were so thankful that we didn’t have to motor into twenty knot headwinds as predicted, so I’d say it was a good day. When we arrived here in Mitsio, Peppe and Bob of Far Niente were here. They are a US boat that we met in Chagos and they have been in Mayotte waiting for replacement parts for the last seven weeks. They had to motor all the way from Mayotte and arrived at 7 am this morning. We had Far Niente and Pioneer over for sundowners and then Bruce, Nadine, and Tristen of Pioneer stayed for a chicken masala dinner. I used the spices from India and it was HOT, but nothing a little yogurt couldn’t calm a bit.

Tomorrow morning Pioneer will pick us up around 8 am and we will go with them to Nosy Ankarea. This is the charming little uninhabited island that we visited when we were here two months ago. We didn’t snorkel when we there in June, so this time we plan to do a bit snorkel exploring. We have heard from Barry on Dream Catcher that the coral is deep but the water is crystal clear and that we should see large game fish. So we’ll give that a try and do some exploring on the island as well.

We have heard from my sister in North Carolina and from our daughter on Cape Cod and the news about Earl was good. It seems the hurricane lost speed and moved far enough away from land to be no threat. So all my worrying was for naught and for this I am very thankful.

100904 Day 313 Nosy Mitzio, Madagascar–The Pipes at Nosy Mitsio