Day 312, Year 5 Cleaning and Computer Repair
Date: Friday, September 3, 2010
Weather: Beautiful Day
Location: Nosy Sakatia, NW Madagascar

Mark left at 7:15 am this morning and returned at 5 pm. The computer shop in Hell-ville worked all day to solve our problems and they downloaded and installed every possible fix and anti-virus program that many of you have sent to us as suggestions. But we won’t know for at least 24 hours whether or not everything they have done has really gotten to the root of the problem. And since we are leaving here tomorrow morning and heading north where we will not have cell service, we might not know until we return to this area in a week or so whether or not the problem is solved. But we think we are making progress and we thank our son Justin, our friend Alan Kanegsberg in New Hampshire, and our friends Neil and Ley on Crystal Blues currently in Singapore for all their advice and suggestions. Hopefully something will work!

I spent my day getting into storage areas and reorganizing and cleaning out any food that looked suspicious. I also went through my clothes and took out anything that I want to give away. It was not exciting, but it is a good feeling to clean out and get rid of those things that are no longer good or useful. This evening we went up to Sakatia Towers and had a great evening on the deck with Constance, Dream Catcher, Muneera, Irene, and John’s special guests, Dr. John and Pam. John and Pam were good friends of John’s parents in South Africa and this was their last night in Madagascar. So a good time was had by all.

Tomorrow morning we leave at 6 am headed north to Nosy Mitsio with Bruce, Nadine, and their daughter Tristen on Pioneer. We are not sure what the winds will be like as we head north, so we will just start our trek and see how things go. Every day is an adventure here, so tomorrow will be no exception. And while on the subject of winds, we are certainly thinking of daughter Heather and her family on Cape Cod. This morning I heard from my sister that lives on the border between North Carolina and South Carolina and she felt like they were being skirted by Earl and would have no serious effects. Our daughter Heather on Cape Cod also wrote and said they were expecting to feel the effects of Earl tonight (Friday). So we will wait and see what happens. We surely hope this hurricane decides to head out to sea before reaching Cape Cod.

100902 Day 312 Nosy Sakatia, Madagascar–Underwater Sakatia S