Day 300, Year 5 Back North to Nosy Lava
Date: Sunday, August 22, 2010
Weather: Overcast, Clear, Overcast; Land-Sea Breeze 20 Knots
Latitude: 14 32.608 S
Longitude: 047 37.199 E
Location: Nosy Lava, NW Madagascar

Up at 5:45 am, anchor up by 6:25 am, and arrival in Nosy Lava by 1:30 pm. It was a quick forty mile sail and we did get to sail. We had twenty knot winds and calm seas, so it was a great run. It is ten miles from here to the beautiful little island of Nosy Saba that was too rough for us on the way down, so we are going to give it another go in the morning. If it doesn’t work, we will anchor over by the mainland for the night and head for Honey River on Tuesday morning.

We had great conversations with both of our kids last night. Heather, Sam, and Jonah were sick all of last week when they were visiting with Jed’s family in Maine. That was a bummer, but they still had a wonderful time relaxing in the Maine woods. Heather’s blog site has to be ready by Friday as that is when the funders will see it for the first time, so she is working furiously. Justin is missing Jo and Ziggy soooooo much but trying to make the best of a not so great situation. We called last night as we won’t have cell service again until we get back to the Nosy Be area. Ed and Lynne did have a successful overnight and are back in the Hell-ville area. We will get there day by day and then get ready for a foray to north again. We have a month left in Madagascar before we have to check out and I know the time is going to fly by.