Day 285, Year 5 Quick Trip to Nosy Komba and Back
Date: Saturday, August 7, 2010
Weather: More Perfect Weather
Location: Lokobe National Park, Nosy Be, NW Madagascar

I’m writing this log but do not believe I will get to send it until morning. We are really struggling with communications. Without the ability get email on the internet, we are severely limited as to when we can send and receive on the HAM radio. We had a very busy day traveling to Nosy Komba and back and went over to Dream Catcher in the early evening to share photos of the South Pacific with them. So we weren’t here at the time we should have sent and received mail and we don’t know if we have heard from our son Justin. We really hope he made it home safely and is doing okay without Jo and Ziggy and that they are doing okay without him. What a crazy situation that they have to be separated like this.

I got another chance to play with the lemurs today and to see a couple of different chameleons on Nosy Komba. We met up with Peter and Carla of Odulphus over lunch to discuss travel plans from here to South Africa. They would like to travel at the same time and would also like to travel south with us for the next couple of weeks. So they will go to Hell-ville on Monday to reprovision and then catch up with us. We will leave at 6 am tomorrow morning and return to Nosy Iranji to try and see the baby turtles hatch. After that we will just hop, hop, hop down the coast and back.

100807 Day 285 Nosy Komba, Madagascar–Playing with Lemurs and Chameleons