Day 267, Year 5 Mora Mora
Date: Tuesday, July 20, 2010
Weather: Mostly Overcast Day-Not the Usual
Location: Ambavatoby Bay (Russian Bay), NW Madagascar

‘Mora Mora’ means ‘slowly slowly.” And that is how things progressed today. Mark worked on the watermater doing the required 1000 hour rebuild. I wrote long overdue emails and worked on naming photos. The sun didn’t shine. The day went mora mora, but it was a good day. The watermaker rebuild went well and the watermaker is back up and running. I just about have all of the Madagascar photos organized and named and have a few folders with just three or four photos each ready to post when we get back to Nosy Sakatia where we can get on the very slow Madagascar internet. And Mark and I have made the decision that we are not going to continue our trip south right now. We are going to return to Nosy Sakatia tomorrow to talk to Ed and Lynne about the possibility of changing our game plan and heading for southern Madagascar by the middle of August. That means we need to do our land travel here now. So lots of decisions and lots to think about . . . mora mora.

Lynne saw the doctor today and things are progressing nicely. She has to go back to the doctor on Thursday for another check, but it looks like the antibiotic has things under control. We’ll find out more when we get back to Nosy Sakatia tomorrow afternoon, but basically it sounds like a good time for Mark and I to take off and do some inland travel while Ed and Lynne just have to sit and wait for things to get better. They can watch Windbird while they are waiting. And by the time we return (we’re only going for 3-4 days), maybe Lynne’s leg will be healed enough for them to travel while we watch their boat. Sounds like a plan.