Day 262, Year 5 Beautiful Sail to Nosy Mamoka
Date: Thursday, July 15, 2010
Weather: Sunny Day; Afternoon Winds NW 18-20
Latitude: 13 degrees 43.440 minutes S
Longitude: 048 degrees 11.312 minutes E
Location: Nosy Mamoka, NW Madagascar

Our strategy of not leaving our little bay near Nosy Kisimani until noon worked. The winds started to build and came in from the northwest just before noon. This is the sea breeze being sucked in as the land warms up during the day. And we successfully used that wind to have a beautiful broad reach sail for most of the 17 miles. So now we are anchored in a pass between the mainland and the island of Nosy Mamoko. It was high tide when we arrived here so we will be interested in seeing what it looks like in the morning at low tide. We are close to a village on the island and there was a charter catamaran anchored here when we arrived. The yacht Swerver, a Dutch boat we met in Chagos, is also anchored over closer to the mainland. We enjoyed watching the play of light on the mainland mountains to our east as the sun went down. The mountains look like the Rockies, and that is part of the beauty here. You are anchored by an island with a mix of deciduous trees and palm trees, watching dolphins play near the shore, and looking in the distance at these beautiful mountains. It is quite striking.

100715 Day 262 Nosy Kisimani to Nosy Mamoko, Madagascar