Day 244, Year 5 A Day at Nosy Sakatia
Date: Sunday, June 27, 2010
Weather: Yet Another Gorgeous Day, Winds 5-10
Latitude: 13 degrees 18.147 minutes S
Longitude: 048 degrees 10.729 minutes E
Location: Nosy Sakatia, NW Madagascar

Our first day here was spent just getting acclimated. The boats from the regatta were anchored all around us until early afternoon when they took off to the south. We have met Red and Shirley on Solaire and Tina and Barry on Dream Catcher, both from Richard’s Bay in South Africa. A are learning a lot from them about sailing to and around South Africa.

We are leaving here at 5:30 am to head for Hell-ville for check-in and then we will check out Crater Bay near Hell-ville as a possible haul-out for Constance. Barry on Dream Catcher from South Africa has done extensive fiberglass work and might be able to help Constance with their hull repair. Barry and Tina on Dream Catcher are traveling with four of their five children, aged eight to twenty-five. We met them this evening but hope to be able to spend more time getting to know them. But check-in first and then socializing.