Day 235, Year 5 Windier Than Yesterday
Date: Friday, June 18, 2010
Weather: Mostly Sunny with a Few Light Showers; Winds SE 20-30 Knots
Location: Ampanasia Bay, NW Madagascar

Some things never change. It is still windy. In fact, it was as windy today as when we arrived. So we sit and wait. Ed did go up his mast early this morning before it got too windy, and he did get the headstay reattached. But he is not done with the job and it was just too windy to go back up today. He also did not get to go in the water and plug the drain that is leaking. He’ll go up the mast first thing in the morning and we’ll see where the day goes from there. Mark wanted to do some epoxy work on deck today, but it was too windy for that as well. It was a good day for inside work. Mark worked on the VHF radio trying to get the DSC (digital selective calling) option working, but he was not successful. We can’t use this until we get back to the Caribbean, but since there was nothing else to do he played around with this. He did a few other odd jobs and I baked bread and a cake, did laundry, and worked on those Chagos photos. Like I already said, some things never change. Wind or not, we plan to go back to the part of the bay where we saw the baobab tree (or whatever kind of tree it is) in bloom so that I can take more photos. We’ll also explore on land a bit. Then on Sunday morning we’ll explore the river as a special Father’s Day trip. If everything goes as planned, we’ll be out of here on Monday morning-wind or no wind.

100618 Day 235 Ampanasia Bay, Madagascar–Rainbows