Day 233, Year 5 More Boat Repairs and MoreYucky Weather
Date: Wednesday, June 16, 2010
Weather: Overcast with Rain Squalls, Winds SE 15-20 Knots
Location: Ampanasia Bay, NW Madagascar

Evidently our information that it rarely rains in June in northwest Madagascar is just wrong. It rained off and on all night and off and on all day. And as we go into another evening, it doesn’t look like that pattern is going to change. So we have still not been to shore and I’m getting a little stir crazy. But I’m not really interested in walking through the bush in the rain, so we will wait. We did launch the dinghy today but used it only to go back and forth to Constance. Being stuck on the boat means that we are getting lots of work done. I keep plugging away at those Chagos photos and Mark keeps ticking things off the boat repair list. The inner forestay is back up but it was too wet to put caulk under the port side chain plate covers. So that is tomorrow’s job. Ed and Lynne were up early and Ed was up his mast by 7 am. What he found was good news. Their head stay is not broken. The attachment to the mast is, but that can be replaced without taking the whole rig down. He does need calmer weather to unwind the head sail and take it down and that might have to wait until we are further south. I don’t think the wind ever stops blowing up here. Ed then went in the water and used some Life Caulk that Lynne had brought back for us when she went home from India in March. We didn’t know it until a couple of days ago when we read the tube, but it can be applied underwater. So Ed found the ten-inch hairline crack in the hull, sanded the area, and applied the Life Caulk. That has not stopped the weepage on the inside, so more exploration will take place tomorrow. But progress is being made.

We saw more signs of life in the bay today. Two men in a homemade boat went rowing past Windbird on their way to the south side of the bay. I was surprised that they didn’t stop but I have heard other cruiser say that there are fishermen in this bay that do not come to sailboats to trade. The other sign of life we saw today was a huge flock of beautiful white birds that swooped and danced past Windbird at sunset. I’m going to take that as an omen of good weather to come!