Day 178, Year 5: Thinking of Jonah
Date: Thursday, April 22, 2010
Weather: Lots of Rain Early, then Overcast; Winds ESE 12-15 Knots
Location: Ile Fouquet, Peros Banhos Atoll, Chagos

Today has been a day all about thinking of Jonah. He is just shy of ten months old and it doesn’t seem fair that he has had constant ear infections since December. But he has and today is the day that he is having tubes inserted. At 5 pm here it was 8 am on the Cape and that was the time of the procedure. Jonah had to be at the hospital at 6:45 am and be put under general anesthesia for the 8 am procedure. It is now 6 pm here and 9 am on the Cape, so he should be reunited with Mom, Dad, and Sam. At 4:55 pm I was working in the kitchen and all of a sudden I was overcome and almost in tears. I looked at the clock and realized that Jonah was probably just about to get those tubes inserted. Then at 5:20 pm, I got this huge feeling of relief. So I am assuming all is well. I might be thousands of miles away, but something has surely kept me connected to Jonah and East Falmouth, Massachusetts today. Jonah has the most incredible deep set BIG blue eyes you have ever seen topped by Handley eyebrows that turn down when he laughs. So Jonah, we are thinking of you and seeing you smiling and laughing. We so hope that is what is happening right now.

Our day started at 6:30 am with a deluge of rain accompanied by strong winds. When we looked out we could see nothing except for Constance and she was right next to us. Something was wrong but we weren’t sure what. It took us some time to figure out what was happening, but eventually Mark was sure that our anchor chain was wrapped around a bommie and that was keeping us from swinging normally. By 8 am the deluge was over, we had filled a few buckets with rain water and put them in our tanks, and we had used the engine to move us so that the chain was freed from the bommie. So all was well even though it was quite an exciting early morning. The rain stopped but the sky was totally overcast for the rest of the day and the winds never subsided. Since the only thing between us and the outside is the reef, it is a bit bouncy but not bad. We continued with rainy day projects. The main job of the day and the success of this year to date was that Mark took down the wind generator to finally check out what might be causing it to work sometimes and totally quit at other times when it should be working. This has been a problem since we left Thailand, but we have hesitated to take the generator down fearing that we would do something to totally screw it up. But the job was actually easier than expected. One of the brushes in the head was sideways therefore making contact occasionally with ground which caused the generator to brake to a stop. It would start up again and repeat the braking as soon as it got enough speed to generate electricity. Mark could immediately see the problem and fix it. So he reinstalled it and it has been working great all day. We do hope this is a true fix as we are getting great power despite the clouds that are keeping the sun from powering the solar panels. When I was not assisting Mark with the wind generator project, I was defrosting the refrigerator. Our refrigerator has a wrap-around cold plate that frosts up. It is just like the tiny little freezer compartment that froze ice in the refrigerator I grew up with. So every couple of weeks I have to take everything out and use hot water to defrost it. Other jobs included cleaning out the anchor locker and doing more Madagascar research. The more I research, the more excited I get about going there. But I will write about that later.