Day 132, Year 5: The Day After
Date: Sunday, March 7, 2010
Weather: Weather Changing, North Winds and Cooler
Location: Bolgatty Hotel Anchorage, Cochin (Kochi), India

I’m still not rebounding from the compressor disaster. I’m spending way too much time being ‘musu.’ Mark is doing a little better, but still very upset. We have still not been able to reach Anil. He is the head of General Engineering and he is the one who sends people to our boat to “fix” things. No matter what your religion, Sunday is a day of rest here, so we will just have to catch up with Anil tomorrow. There’s probably nothing that can be done, but Mark really wants a chance to vent. But then Mark is headed to the local Yamaha dealer tomorrow with our dinghy motor, so he won’t be here. Unfortunately, our one year-old dinghy motor has been idling roughly, so just one more thing to add to the list.

Today was cleaning day on Windbird. Mark dove down and cleaned the prop. The water is so murky that he really couldn’t see the prop, but he could feel it and actually it wasn’t too bad. The whole bottom is covered with a jelly-like layer of algae and some small barnacles, but we will wait and clean this when we reach Uligan in the Maldives. I hopped in the dinghy and washed the top sides with fresh water and cleaned the algae from the waterline. By mid-afternoon a film of yucky stuff came in with the tide and made a mess of my cleaning job. I’ll have to clean the bottom half of the top sides once again before we leave. And I continued soaking, washing, and rinsing every rope on this boat. The next big job is buying and storing fresh produce. We need kilos of potatoes, more kilos of onions, limes, carrots, green peppers, oranges, and bananas. We still have eggs left from Thailand, but we will buy fresh eggs here to take over when the Thai eggs have run their course. So there is plenty to fill our time before we leave here on Thursday. I thought we were leaving on Wednesday, but Mark and Ed talked this morning while getting water from the Bolgatty and decided that the tide is more favorable on Thursday. So March 11 is departure date.

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