Day 6, Year 5: Day Trip to Kuah
Date: Sunday, November 1, 2009
Weather: Still Hot and Sunny with Evening Lightening
Location: Rebak Marina, Pulau Rebak, Langkawi, Malaysia

The 9:30 am ferry took us to the main island of Langkawi where we got into a rental car with Tina and Robert of Shirena. We drove to Kuah and Mark and Robert dropped Tina and I off at the Billion Shopping Center. I’ve been to the Billion supermarket before, but I had never explored the other shops. This little shopping center is out of the main part of town near the Royal Langkawi Yacht Club and it has a nice array of upscale shops. For the most part it is the same stuff you can find downtown in small shops, just more neatly displayed and at a higher price, but it does have a couple of nice sportswear shops. Tina had to go to the optician in the shopping center. She had just gotten a new pair of glasses there less than a week ago, and last night Robert took a packed suitcase off their bed and plopped it on the table-right on top of Tina’s new glasses. Thankfully Tina was able to get them repaired and then we continued to shop and explore while Mark and Robert drove to the yacht club. A guy named Paul who runs a marine consignment store and chandlery has relocated to the yacht club and Mark wanted to check in with him to see if he has been able to sell any of the items we left with him. He has sold our old dinghy lift, but not our Suzuki outboard and our Monitor windvane. We’ll lower the price and keep trying, but if the Monitor hasn’t sold by the time we have left, we’ll take it with us.

We returned to the boat in mid-afternoon and I managed to get the main cabin up to 100 degrees while cooking dinner. We took a short break and went to the pool to cool off. There were so many cruisers there and we spent our pool time talking to each other about future plans-who’s going where, how, and why. Robert and Tina joined us for dinner, but we had to eat out in the cockpit due to the heat below. Tomorrow they leave for Australia and we inherit their air conditioner. That will be most welcome.