Day 171, Year 4 Meeting Ziggy Via Skype
Date: Saturday, April 11, 2009
Weather: Beautiful Sunny Day
Location: Telega Harbor, Langkawi, Malaysia

We rushed to shore this morning to make a Skype call to Justin, Jo, and Ziggy, but the connection here was just not good enough. So Mark, Donna and Gerry of Scot Free II, and I headed to Kuah. Once there, Mark and I went to an internet café that we had once before used to make a successful video Skype call to Justin and Jo. It worked and we got to see our grandson for the first time. He and his momma have been through a pretty traumatic experience, but both are looking great. Ziggy is still
sleeping a lot and having a bit of difficulty latching on to nursing, but the hospital staff has been very supportive and Justin and Jo are incredibly positive which is wonderful after such an ordeal. Ziggy should be allowed to go home tomorrow and things will probably improve ten-fold once they are home. Our thoughts are with them every minute of the day and we can’t wait to see them in a week when we arrive in New Mexico.

We did more shopping for essential parts in Kuah in the late morning and then headed north out of town.. We were looking for a dinghy repair shop where we could buy dinghy drain-hole plugs. We found the shop and bought the plug that we will use to plug a leaking through-hull. We drove north on the east side of island to a place called The Hole in the Wall. We didn’t actually go there as it required a boat ride, but we did have a great lunch on the dock. We had a bit of a set-back on the way
home as we had a flat tire. But there was a spare in the trunk, so we made it home just fine. Mark and I launched into a late afternoon frenzy of work and will move the boat to Rebak Marina in the morning. We are working hard, but we think we can get everything ready by Wednesday. I’m sure that is optimistic, but we will be ready, one way or another.