Day 170, Year 4 Arrival in Malaysia
Date: Friday, April 10, 2009
Weather: Beautiful Sunny Day with Late Afternoon Clouds
Location: Telega Harbor, Langkawi, Malaysia

We had a much better day today motoring from Ko Lipe to here. The winds were right on the nose again but at least the seas were flat and the winds were light. We went directly into the marina to the fuel dock to fill our tanks. Most cruisers believe that you should leave your tanks totally full to reduce condensation. So we have that job done. We then rented a car and took our Monitor windvane to Kuah to the second hand shop to be sold, bought a suitcase, and a new phone card for Malaysia. At the second hand shop we bought this ghastly red and white candy striped sun cover for Windbird. We had hoped to find good tarps here, but they just don’t exist. So we’ll be all set for Christmas when we return next December-green and white boat, red and white sun cover. The sun cover is a disposable item so at least it is not a permanent addition to Windbird. We have lots more to do in town, but almost everything was closed by the time we got there today. We had forgotten that in Malaysia Friday is the day off and Saturday and Sunday are working days. After we run around in the morning making other purchases, we will move the boat to Rebak to her new home for the next few months. So little time and so much to do.

The really exciting thing is that we are sitting in the lobby of the marina here and are on the internet. We got to see the first photos of our new grandson Ziggy and he is beautiful. And actually Jo looked great after her long ordeal. A photo of Ziggy will be posted with the log from two days ago introducing Ziggy. So if you want to see the world’s newest beautiful baby, take a peak.