Day 160, Year 4 The Unveiling of A New Windbird
Date: Tuesday, March 31, 2009
Weather: Sunny Day-Very Hot; Late Evening Deluge
Location: Boat Lagoon Marina, Phuket Island

The tent was removed from over Windbird totally revealing her new beauty to the world. She looks beautiful but without the tent overhead it is REALLY hot both on and inside the boat. At 4:30 this afternoon it was 100 degrees F inside the boat and the deck was so hot that you had to wear shoes to walk on it. I was the gopher today. I had to make four trips from the boat to East Marine Chandlery in the morning to find the right rivets for attaching cleats to the mast. I went the first time and brought back what Mark wanted, but immediately Luck saw what I had returned with and he came over to say that the size was too big for the cleats. He was right, so then I continued with my runs to find just the right size. I must have walked three miles back and forth, back and forth, but I finally found the right size. The rest of my day was spent the same way-running to and from the apartment and up to the inside of the boat and back down again getting the things Mark needed to get the rigging done. At the end of the day, he just about has the job done. It is a huge job to get done so quickly, but so far Mark is doing a great job along with the help from Oh’s crew. We are now set to get the rigging checked in the morning, the mast stepped in the afternoon, and the boat put in the water the next day. So our ambitious plan is still looking good. We will just have to see how things come along-one step at a time.

090331 Day 160 Boat Lagoon, Phuket, Thailand–Tent Comes Down