Day 153, Year 4 The Two Step-Two Steps Forward, Two Back
Date: Tuesday, March 24, 2009
Weather: Beautiful Morning; Mid-Afternoon Torrential Rain; Still Raining
Location: Boat Lagoon Marina, Phuket Island

One of my wishes for today happened. The mast and boom did get painted early this morning which was definitely a step forward, but by mid-afternoon the Thai heavens opened once again and we had the biggest deluge we have seen yet. When it rains here, it really rains. So mast and boom are painted, but we will just have to wait until morning to see if the painting survived the rains.

I did not get my wish that all bronze and stainless would be cleaned by the end of the day, so that little battle will continue tomorrow. Muzza came this morning to measure for our bimini cover, but the tent covering Windbird was too low to get the framework in place for the measurement. That was a step backward. Later in the day Luck and crew found a way to raise the tent. So I guess that is step forward. Muzza will come tomorrow to make those measurements. We installed our new dinghy motor mount which was a step forward. We asked Luck and crew to come help us carry the motor from the aft head where it has been stored. They got it on deck and we used the new motor lift on the arch to try and put it in place. Then we discovered all sorts of problems. The new lift is not high enough to allow us to raise the motor and get it mounted, the location of the new dinghy mount is too close to the dinghy when it is raised on the davits, and on and on and on. So I guess the step forward is that we discovered these problems now, but the step backward is that we need to have Nop’s team come and redo the dinghy motor hoist. And we will have to find a new place to mount the dinghy motor-further away from the dinghy when it is raised on the davits.

So it was quite an interesting day. We made some progress; we made some steps backward. But we are still hopeful that all can be ‘readjusted’ to make things right. We have been working here on the hard for fifty-five days with no break. We have either been doing boat work, working in the apartment on editing and posting photos, or shopping when we had a vehicle. We have enjoyed everyday but we both must admit that is getting a bit tiring. We are ready to be back in the water and sailing. But we must be patient. In no more than two weeks, we should be back in the water and headed for Langkawi. So we are in the home stretch.