Day 152, Year 4 Still Battling with the Weather
Date: Monday, March 23, 2009
Weather: Off and On Torrential Rain Mixed with Sunshine
Location: Boat Lagoon Marina, Phuket Island

We are still in a battle with the weather. The rains that should have arrived in April arrived one month early this year. This morning the sky was clear and everything looked perfect for painting, but by noon the heavens decided to open up with another dose of torrential rain and lots of thunder. During the morning Luck and crew had worked hard to build a rain proof tent for the mast and boom. And inside the rainproof tent they built an inner plastic tent. They did not proceed with painting
today, but they are fully ready to go tomorrow morning. Oh came by this afternoon and he says they will paint tomorrow morning and by Thursday afternoon we can start reassembling the mast. So here’s hoping that will really happen.

I am having a real battle with the bronze ports and the stainless on deck. I cleaned all of the stainless while in Langkawi in December but there are rust spots again that must be polished. And the bronze work is very intensive-lots of hand sanding, and then more hand sanding. But progress is being made and we will get there. Maybe tomorrow will be a breakthrough day with mast and boom painted and all stainless and bronze cleaning completed. That is a terribly optimistic outlook but one that
I would like to achieve.