Day 133, Year 4: Windbird Back in a Cocoon of Plastic
Date: Wednesday, March 4, 2009
Weather: Another Beautiful Day; Late Evening Torrential Rain
Location: Boat Lagoon Marina, Phuket Island

Windbird is looking beautiful, but we won’t be going onboard for my birthday tomorrow. She is literally wrapped in plastic with plastic tent sides going up and down and over top of her. Cabin top and cockpit painting will happen early in the morning so she will have drying time before possible late afternoon rain. I am just so thankful that our hull was painted before the rains started. That was either luck or possibly the reason Oh wanted the hull painted first. Anyway, I’m really hoping the plastic cocoon might be removed in the afternoon before we take off for my birthday fling in Patong Beach, but if not, we will just have to wait. We are so excited that the painting is almost done. Non-skid will go on Saturday so by early next week we can be putting the boat back together. We thought it would be closer to the end of March before we would get to start this, so we are very happy with the progress. We have completed the cleaning of all the stainless hardware we have here in the apartment and I have only one more Australia photo file before I move on to Indonesia, so progress is being made.

We had an early morning Skype Chat with Justin. He wanted to wish me a happy birthday and tell me that he and his sister have gone together to get me the ultimate birthday present-two new grandchildren. That is the best birthday present I could ever ask for. I also got a Skype call from Helaine Kanegsberg back in Concord. She said they got fifteen inches of snow yesterday. That is hard to imagine from here. Sounds beautiful but I’m glad I’m here and not there. After working all morning, we realized it was past time for lunch, so we walked over to what I call “food alley” and had the pleasant surprise of finding Ley and Neil there. We haven’t seen them since our get together at their house last Friday, so it was great to catch up. Their hull was painted today so after lunch we walked over to take a look. It looks beautiful. So another successful paint job down.

It is now 8:30 pm here and the rain that started about 7:00 is now in full swing. We are getting the equivalent of a Nor’easter, just that ours is rain and not snow. Late tomorrow we head to Patong Beach with Susan and Richard of Sea Bunny. We are going to the Phuket Simon Cabaret to celebrate the double 62nd birthdays-Susan and I. This show is advertised as an entertaining transvestite show. The theatre holds 600 people. It is supposed to be grand and the costumes of the ladyboys are reportedly gorgeous. I know it sounds a little crazy, but this is a part of Thai culture that we are told you cannot leave without experiencing. So we are looking forward to a crazy, but fun, evening in Patong.

090304 Day 133 Boat Lagoon, Phuket, Thailand–Windbird’s Cocoon