Day 96, Year 4: Happy Chinese New Year from Windbird
Date: Monday, January 26, 2009
Weather: Another Beautiful, Sunny Day
Location: Ao Po Grand Marina, Phuket Island

“According to the Chinese Zodiac, the Year of 2009 is the Year of the Ox. The Ox, or the Buffalo sign symbolizes prosperity through fortitude and hard work. Those born under the influence of the Ox or Buffalo are fortunate to be stable and persevering. The typical Ox is a tolerant person with strong character. Not many people could equal the resolution and fearlessness that the Ox exhibits when deciding to accomplish a task. Ox people work hard without complaints at work or at home. They know
that they will succeed through hard work and sustained efforts, and do not believe in get-rich-quick schemes.”

So it appears that our grandchildren born this year will be of strong character. We already have one grandchild of definite strong character, so I guess they will just keep on coming. For those of you looking for photos, we have uploaded the photos for all the days that Heather, Jed, and Sam were with us. So to see those photos, all you have to do is go back to the daily blog and double click on the photo at then end of the blog.

Boats streamed in here all day, but it was late in the afternoon when Wings arrived. We went over right away to meet Fred and Judy. They graciously invited us aboard to have a beer and tour their boat. Since we are going to be here in Thailand for the next two months, we prearranged a time to meet when Fred and Judy are not focused on racing. We look forward to that.

We attended the race dinner this evening and had a great time talking with Jean and Ken of Renaissance 2000. We are going to go with them in the morning when they leave here headed for the Boat Lagoon. We will help them get in and then check out the rental possibilities for apartments and cars. Hopefully we will find our way home to here and then ready ourselves for the sail south to Boat Lagoon.

We talked to Heather, Jed, and Sam last night and they are settling in. Heather has been a little sick since returning home and Sam hasn’t been sleeping well. But we can still hope that all soon be well.

090126 Day 96 Phuket Island, Thailand–Phang Nga Bay Regatta Gathers at Ao Po Marina