Day 74, Year 4: No More Worries
Date: Sunday, January 4, 2009
Weather: Beautiful, Sunny Day, but HOT
Location: Ao Po Grand Marina, Phuket Island, Thailand

No more worries. Kevin and Claire made it home with no problems. Claire’s email to us just never arrived, so we worried for no reason. They said they really enjoyed the day in Bangkok Claire had thought it might not be worth the effort to get into the city to see the Grand Palace and a few temples, but she said loud and clear last night that we must find our way to Bangkok. We’ll probably do that when we fly back to the states.

The sunny days here are beautiful but they are hot. The bright sunshine today made for a perfect day for drying the last coat of varnish on the cockpit coaming but it was not so perfect for Mark who needed to be outside all day getting the lifeline netting installed. It actually has taken longer than he expected, but with just a little more work tomorrow morning Windbird’s decks will be child-proofed. After my early morning varnishing, I spent most of the rest of my day inside cleaning and rearranging
things so Sam will have a permanent bunk while he is here. That accomplished, I headed outside to scrub a white suncover for the back deck. It had gotten stored in an outside locker and was covered with mildew, but it is now once again bright white. We have a small kiddie pool that we bought to put on the back deck under the suncover so Sam can have a place to cool off during the hot days. I think we might all join him!

While we’re getting ready for Heather, Jed, and Sam’s arrival, I’m sure they are back home rushing to pack and probably wondering whose bright idea it was to travel halfway around the world with an active two-year old. I think it was our idea and we just hope it is worth all the effort we know they are having to make to get here. They arrive at 1 am on Friday morning, so Friday will be a quiet day here at the marina. If they are recovered by Saturday, we will start our sailing adventure. We can’t