Day 55, Year 4: Kevin and Claire Arrived Safe and Sound
Date: Tuesday, December 16, 2008
Weather: Another Beautiful Day
Location: Ao Pante Malacca, Ko Tarutao, Thailand

Kevin and Claire arrived on time and safely today after quite a long trip. But at each stage of their journey, all connections worked. They flew out of Dulles to Paris and spent a few hours walking the streets eating religieuse (chocolate eclairs in double layers) and crepes). Then it was back to an overnight flight to a quiet Bangkok airport, a taxi to the train station, an eighteen-hour overnight train to Hat Yai in southern Thailand, a mini-van ride to Pak Bara, and then a speedboat ferry to Ko Tarutao. We met them at the ferry dock and then it was a dinghy ride to Windbird. I think this was about 50+ hours of travel, but finally they were here and after the overnight train ride, they were rested and ready to go. We jumped in the water for a swim around Windbird and then got back in the dinghy to go up the river to find the Crocodile Cave. There used to be salt water crocodiles here, but thankfully no more. But the caves are still here with some interesting stalactites. It took us quite a while to find the caves, however, as we wandered this way and that through the mangroves. We finally had to go back to the national park to get directions, but we then found the caves and enjoyed the explore.

Tomorrow morning we will go back to land to do an early morning walk on the island and then we will be off for the Bulon Group of islands where the snorkeling is supposed to be fantastic. Let’s just hope that the reports are correct.

081216 Day 55 Ko Tarutao, Thailand–Kevin and Claire Arrive