Day 48, Year 4: More Work in Paradise
Date: Tuesday, December 9, 2008
Weather: Beautiful, Hot, Sunny Day
Location: Rebak Marina on Pulau Rebak Besar, Langkawi, Malaysia

Be careful what you wish for. We have been wishing for sunshine and we got it today big time. It is beautiful, but with the sunshine comes the heat. However, we persisted and Mark has all of the “holes” in our teak deck filled and pegged and removed some of the caulking between the teak boards and replaced that. So he had a successful day. I continued inside cleaning and inside and outside painting. And I had a successful day. With just one more coat of paint on the toilet seats and lids, those will be done. And I finished painting the shower stall and the dinghy motor mount on the aft rail. I also did laundry. I just had to put that beautiful sunshine to some good use other than making me hot. In today’s sunshine, the laundry dried very quickly.

So to celebrate a good day of work, we walked over to the resort side of the island and went swimming in the pool. It was just the right time of day to see the loud but beautiful hornbills coming in to roost for the evening. Earlier in the day, we went for a walk among the boats on the hard. Arial, the boat that was being painted by the crew here, is now completed and she is beautiful. The owner is very happy with the job, so I think we will have Windbird painted here in February. While we were there talking, Brahminy Kites were soaring overhead. These birds are a type of eagle. They are brown with white heads and I just love to watch them. It is so nice to be in a marina with wildlife. We are on an island with nothing other than the marina and resort, so the animals have lots of space. We are now headed to the Hard Dock Cafe for dinner where we will commune with the other wildlife here, our fellow cruisers. We heard on the marina radio net this morning that there will be a live band tonight. That could be good or bad, so we shall see.

Tomorrow we are expecting the mechanic and crew with our transmission. Zainol promised that he will be here, so we trust that he will and that the reinstallation will go much smoother than the two-day removal process. Wish us luck on this one!

081209 Day 48 Langkawi, Malaysia–Photo Tour of Rebak Marina