Day 5, Year 4:  Happy Anniversary to Us
Date: Monday, October 27, 2008
Weather: Mixed-Sunny Morning, Sprinkling Afternoon and Evening
Location: One 15 Marina, Sentosa Island, Singapore

It was another busy, busy day. We decided late last night to go with the Shirena crew to the Jurong Bird Park on the western side of Singapore. Robert wasn’t feeling well, so just Tina and Neil went. This was Neil’s last day as crew on Shirena as he is flying out late tonight. We left a little late, it took longer than we hoped to get there, and it took much longer than we expected to get through the park, but all of that said, it was a great day. The birds were magnificent.

We got back to the marina much later than we had planned and it was just about time to turn around and leave for our 5 pm “appointment” at Raffles to celebrate our 34th wedding anniversary. Raffles is the home of the original Singapore Sling drink and the crews from five other boats came to join us. Eric and Robin of Scorpedo, Judy and Dave of Freebird, Tim and Rose of Rendezvous Cay, Tina and Robert of Shirena, and Klinton of Scot Free II all joined us. We are all staying at the One15 Marina so it was great fun to be out celebrating together. We all had one of the world’s most expensive drinks and then we headed out to Clarke’s Quay on the Singapore River for dinner. We found a restaurant on the river that specializes in tapas, so we got into the South American mood and feasted on paellas and tapas and had a great time.

Tomorrow we have promised ourselves that we will begin in the pool and then decide what to do from there. We need to get visas for Thailand and inquire about visas for India in case we do decide to head to the Red Sea in January. Sri Lanka and Cochin on the west coast of India will be on our itinerary if we do that. So after the pool, it will probably become a busy day but hopefully we’ll make it back to the marina to enjoy the late afternoon in the pool as well.

081027 Day 5 Singapore–Jurong Bird Park
081027 Day 5 Singapore–Raffles and Clarke’s Quay