Day 2, Year 4:   Second Busy Day in Singapore
Date: Thursday, October 24, 2008
Weather: Overcast and Drizzle in AM; Clearing in the Afternoon
Location: One 15 Marina,Sentosa Island, Singapore

It is after midnight again and we just got home. We left early this morning and did the shop ’til you drop thing until mid-afternoon. We then came home for a couple of hours and then headed right back to Little India for a cultural performance that was being put on for the Festival of Lights. The performance started at 7:00, but it took us almost an hour to find the place once we got there. But it was well worth it. There were song, dance, and drum performances by groups from Sri Lanka and India, as well as a number of local presentations. I fell in love with the Sri Lanka drumming and dance troupes and would love to visit there to see more. The final presentation by a group from India was absolutely spectacular. It was telling the story of the Krishna’s love and it was beautiful. It was so late when we left the cultural performance that it was hard to find a place to eat dinner. We actually took the subway back to China Town and found a little street restaurant there. Then it was back on the subway to Harborside and then we had to hail a taxi. That is no easy feat. But we made it home and are looking forward to a day of rest tomorrow. Jean-Pierre and Collette of Safina will be leaving in the morning and I think we will probably spend the day on the boat and in the pool here at One15 if the weather cooperates.

We are anxiously awaiting a time we can talk to our grandbaby via Skype but we haven’t even had a chance to email to set up a time. So that will be a priority tomorrow. The other priority is to take advantage of the marina facilities. Staying here is like staying at a five-star hotel. We just can’t afford to eat or drink here, but we can enjoy the facilities. I’ll have to take some photos and get them posted on the web.

081024 Day 2 Singapore–Festival of Lights in Little India