US Land Logs 10, Year 4: Justin, Jo, & Ziggy, Second Visit
Date: Sunday, August 24, 2009
Weather: HOT
Location: East Falmouth, Massachusetts

We have just ended a whirlwind of a week. Justin, Jo, and Ziggy arrived in Boston last Monday along with the hottest weather we have had all summer. So we spent time at the beach trying to cool down and just generally enjoyed being together.

On Friday, Justin, Jo, Ziggy, Mark, and I took off for western Massachusetts to visit my niece Lynn and then on to Double Edge Theatre where Justin worked and lived until he and Jo met. They met there in the summer of 2006, so DET is a very special place for them. We went to see everyone and see the summer performance which was fabulous. Mark and I stayed at a new B & B across the street from Elmer’s Country Store. It was a great weekend. We stopped for a look at the Boston Harbor on our way to take Justin and Jo to their hotel near the airport. It was so hard to leave them as we won’t see them for at least another year, but it was so special to have the time with them.

090821 Cape Cod–Justin, Jo, & Ziggy Second Visit
090824 Cape Cod–Visit to Ashfield with Justin, Jo & Ziggy