Year 3: Day Trip to Santa Fe
Date: Friday, April 25, 2008
Weather in New Mexico: Warm Days, Cool Nights, and Lots of Wind
Location: Los Cerrillos, New Mexico

Mark started his day visiting the clinic where he was given an antibiotic and an inhaler. His cold has turned into a full-blown respiratory infection, but we are hopeful that the antibiotic will kick-in soon so we can return to Australia on a healthier note next week.

The outskirts of Santa Fe are like any modern town-lots of big stores. The difference here is that every building has complied with a local code to look like traditional adobe structures. We did some food shopping and made a stop at Home Depot to get some home and gardening supplies and then visited “Old Town.” This is a square of buildings around the city green that look like the old Wild West but today are filled with high-end goodies for tourists. We walked the streets and glanced in the shops
but decided that everything here looked too expensive for us. We then drove north out of town to visit with Houston and Alice Davis from our home town of Concord, New Hampshire. Houston was a principal of one of the elementary schools in Concord and the year he retired we moved out of our home and on to our boat which was located in the Boston Harbor. Mark and I were still commuting to Concord to work and Houston and Alice were moving to their new retirement home in Santa Fe and leaving an empty
home in Concord. They asked if we would like to “house sit” for them for a year instead of living on the boat in Boston. We weren’t interested in staying in Concord on the weekends, but we did stay in Alice and Houston’s home during the week. The arrangement worked out great for both of us. We were now anxious to see their new home in Santa Fe.

The Sante Fe Davis home is in a new development on the northern edge of the city. Every home is built in the traditional adobe style and each has eleven acres of land. Alice and Houston’s home is really lovely. We sat on the terrace to watch the sun set and to catch up on each other’s lives. Alice and Houston have had three new additions to their family since we last saw them. Their first grandchild, Grace, was born about four months ago; their youngest daughter, Abby, got married; and a beautiful,
two-year old yellow Labrador retriever graces their new home. We had a wonderful dinner with them before returning to Cerrillos and enjoyed seeing old friends in a new place.

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