Day 96, Year 3: Nemo Lives Here!
Date: Hari Rabu (Wednesday), Bulan Agustus 13, Pada Tahan 2008
Weather: Lots of Puffy White Clouds and Sunshine
Location: Kroko Atoll, Adunara Island, Nusa Tengarra Province, Indonesia

Nemo really does live here. We have seen loads of anemonefish, but not until today have we seen Amphiprion ocellaris, better known as clownfish. The minute I saw them I went to find Mark and have him come photograph them, but he was far away, almost on the sand cay. When I reached him he was standing in the water looking at his underwater camera. It was not working. We had trouble with it last year and then sent it in for repair while we were home in the US. Instead of repairing it, we were
sent a refurbished one and it has not worked right since we reached Australia. We thought we had found the problem while we were in Lizard Island, but obviously not. This was our first time back in the water since then and now the camera is totally dead. The camera is an Olympus Stylus 770SW. As far as we know it is the only small underwater camera out there, but it is not much good if it doesn’t work. So until we can have a new one sent to us, we will have no underwater photos. Scot Free II
has the same camera and I am going to see if we can borrow theirs sometime tomorrow so I can get pictures of the long awaited Nemo. I will be heartbroken if I have to leave here without photos of this beautiful little fish.

So that was the good and bad news of the day, but then I have exciting news. Our son Justin and his wife Jo are definitely going to join us in Bali and sail with us to Borneo to see the orangutans. They have bought their tickets and will arrive in Bali on September 17 to spend almost a month with us. We are so excited that they are going to be able to join us. We will see Bali together, Borobudur in Java, and then head to Kalimantan (Indonesia’s part of Borneo Island). Heather, Jed, and Sam
don’t have their tickets yet, but they are definitely planning on visiting us in Thailand in January. So we won’t be coming home this year, but we will have some wonderful memories of family traveling with us in this very special part of the world.

The anchorage here is growing. When we came in yesterday there was only one boat. That boat left this morning leaving three of us here. Today three more boats came in, but I’m hoping that it will stay like this until we leave here on Friday. I hate to be selfish, but this is such a beautiful anchorage and I guess I want it all to myself. But there are perks to having others come. This afternoon Brett of Solan brought over a huge Horned Helmet shell that he picked up while snorkeling. He wanted
us to see it before he put it back in the water. This thing was way bigger than a football and was just beautiful. Just like two heads are better than one for thinking, I guess a group of yachties is better than just one so we can all share the beauty.

080813 Day 96 Adunara, Indonesia–Kroko Atoll Anchorage