Day 69, Year 3: A Day of Provisioning
Date: Thursday, July 17, 2008
Weather: No Change, Beautiful, Sunny Weather
Location: Fannie Bay, Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia

Shop, shop, and then shop some more. That was the story for today. We had the rental car for the day so we took advantage and did the grocery shopping for the next three months. There will be supermarkets in Kupang and on one other island before we reach Bali, but basically we need to stock up for the next two months. We will be in Singapore in three months and will be able to buy whatever we need there. But still shopping for the two months until we reach Bali was a bit of a challenge. It is mostly done now, but there are a few things remaining on the list. Meat must be ordered from the butcher. There are certain items that were sold out today and we will have to go back and get those, but for the most part, we have most of the food we need. What we need now is a few quiet days when we can get the little jobs on Windbird done and can do the reading necessary to prepare us for the next leg of our journey. Not sure what tomorrow will bring, but we are certain that is will include shopping. Tonight we attended a gathering of many of the boats that will be participating in the rally. We traded books and just spent time getting to know each other.
Thanks to our daughter Heather for getting a mail packet off to us. We received that mail today only a week after it was sent. She included a painting by Sam which will grace the walls in our cabin. Sam, you make your grandparents infinitely happy with your artwork. Keep it coming.

080717 Day 69 Provisioning