Day 39, Year 3: Stuck in Lloyd Bay
Date: Tuesday, June 17, 2008
Weather: Overcast and Rainy; Winds SE 15-20
Location: Lloyd Bay near Lockhart River, Queensland, Australia

Rainy weather and logistics kept us here in Lloyd Bay today. We will move on very early tomorrow morning and hope the weather is a little nicer by then. The “Flying Doctor” was an hour late flying in from Cairns, so it was 12:45 before we started the hour trip back to the anchorage having picked up Patrick and Margaret. We had four hours to sail to get to our next anchorage and it was totally overcast and rainy, so we just decided to stay here and leave in the morning. The good news is that Patrick doesn’t have to fly to Cairns to see an orthopedic surgeon. At first the doctor who flew in to examine him said he did need to go to Cairns, but after reviewing the difficulty of getting him there, the doctor called the orthopedic surgeon and he said it wasn’t necessary. Patrick broke his middle finger and the base knuckle on his index finger on his right hand. His fingers are all cut badly, but they have him on strong antibiotics. He will have to get to a clinic when we get to Seisia, a little outpost on the western side of Cape York, and then again when we get to Darwin. It will be difficult for him to raise and lower sails and do the anchoring with only one hand, but he and Margaret think they can do it. Sunday was a very bad, no good, horrible day for Aqua Magic, but today things are looking brighter.

Scot Free II invited us all over for dinner tonight and we did some planning for the next leg of our trip. We have to go though a passage just before the top of the peninsula that requires going through on the flood tide. Supposedly the current runs north on a flood, but others going through this week have had a counter current on the flood. So we’ll plan the best we can and hope for the best. The passage is only three miles long, but that could take quite a while if there is five knot current
against us. Talk about treading water.

080617 Day 39 Lloyd Bay–Lockhart River
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