Day 160, Year 3: So Hard to Say Goodbye
Date: Hari Kamis (Thursday), Bulan Oktober 16, Pada Tahan 2008
Weather: Beautiful, Sunny Day with Only One Rain Shower
Location: Tanjung Kelayang, Belitung, Indonesia

We “think” we will be leaving here in the morning, but we are having a hard time pulling away. We spent our morning looking at anchorages from here to Singapore, went ashore for lunch where we met up with Cancata and Cherokee, went out to the nearest island for snorkeling this afternoon, and then went back to that same little island for a book exchange over sundowners late this afternoon. We said our goodbyes to other cruisers “just in case” we really leave in the morning. Once we all arrive in
the Singapore area, it won’t be possible to gather on a little island for sundowners. And we will be spread over a half-dozen marinas in the area. Singapore’s harbor is the busiest in the world and although the island’s population is only 4.43 million, it sounds busier than New York City. So it is doubtful that we will see many cruisers while there. Most people will stay in that area until mid-November when the Sail Malaysia Rally begins, but we will head north through Malaysia no later than
the first of November. We want to get to Langkawi on the border between Malaysia and Thailand as soon as we can to get some boat work done. So on we march.

081016 Day 160 Belitung, Indonesia–Diingy Ride to the Rocks