Day 154, Year 3: Getting Ready to Leave
Date: Hari Jumat (Friday), Bulan Oktober 10, Pada Tahan 2008
Weather: Still HOT and HUMID
Location: Kumai River, Kalimantan, Indonesia

Today was a day of getting ready. Justin and Jo are getting ready to leave in the morning and we are getting Windbird ready to leave on the following day. I already have “empty nest” syndrome just thinking about Justin and Jo’s departure. We have had a wonderful month together. Bali was wonderful, passages were challenging, Karimunjawa was fantastic, passages were challenging, and Kumai has been very special. So we have had our ups and downs. I just hope the good times will be the memories
that Justin and Jo will take with them.

We had a slow morning and then hopped in a min-van to go to Pankalan Bun as we needed money and internet. We think today must be some special day in the Muslim faith as the mosque was blaring all morning and nothing was open in Kumai. By the time we reached Pankalan Bun it was early afternoon and things started opening. Mark, Justin, and Jo spent time in the internet café while I walked around town trying to find potatoes to buy. I had absolutely no luck, but I did run into some of the younger
cruisers who had just arrived in Kumai today. We sat in a lovely little café with air conditioning. I shared stories of our trip upriver and they shared their thoughts about where they would stop on the way to Singapore. On my way back to the internet café, I saw Justin and Jo headed in my direction. Justin had gone back to say hello to Jo in the internet café and found her almost fast asleep. She felt like she had a temperature, but when we returned to Windbird we found that her temp was just
slightly above abnormal. She seems much better this evening.

Justin and Jo packed this evening and prepared for the long trip home. Fortunately they will have time to spend a day seeing the temples on Java and another day in Bali resting up for the long flight home.

We will miss them terribly as we do our own preparations for the passage to Beletung and then on to Malaysia with a possible stop in Singapore.

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