Day 133, Year 3: Lazy Day in Lovina
Date: Hari Jumat (Friday), Bulan September 19, Pada Tahan 2008
Weather: Beautiful Day . . . Again
Location: Lovina Beach, BALI, Indonesia

Today was a lovely lazy day. We started the day with a snorkel on the reef near the anchorage first thing in the morning and ended the day on the beach watching traditional Balinese mask dances and then having dinner at the Seaside Cafe with Justin and Joe and Tina and Robert of Shirena. I don’t know where the hours go, but they seem to go so quickly. The nearby snorkeling is over head coral, but the fish life is vibrant and varied. We saw some of the biggest parrot fish we have ever seen, and the fish will literally eat right out of your hand. So we hope to do more snorkeling before leaving here. And already, we are having to make decisions about what we will not be able to see and do with Justin and Jo. These decisions are hard ones. It seems such a shame to be in such a wonderful part of the world and not get to see it all, but there is no way with limited time and money to do that. I think by the end of tomorrow we will have our path set and then we can spend the next three weeks just enjoying the ride.

080919 Day 133 Bali, Indonesia–Underwater at Lovina Beach
080919 Day 133 Bali, Indonesia–Toped and Joged Traditional Performances