NZ Land Logs 58, Year 2: Treasures
Date: Tuesday, April 17, 2007
Weather Today: Some Sun, Some Rain
Location: Whangarei, New Zealand

Our son Justin once wrote a song called “Thanks and Praises to the Most High.” When I feel really thankful for something or someone, I often think of that song, and tonight was one of those nights. We went to Reva’s for the Tuesday Night Cruiser Special and by the end of the evening I felt very much in awe of the cruising life we are currently leading–not really because of the lifestyle itself, but because of the wonderful people who are out here doing this at the same time as us. We saw so many people tonight that we have met over the past year and half. Molly of Kauila was there (husband Jeff stayed home tonight). Molly grew up in Lebanon, New Hampshire, and still has family in Exeter. Toya from Namibia was there, Uta and George (from Germany and Switzerland) were there. And our good friends, Monika and Felix of Makani were there and well as many other friends from Germany. And the list goes on and on and on. We sat a table with our Riverside Drive Marina friends–Marie and Paul of Ranger, Dianna and Bob of White Swan, Ron and cynthia of Rontu, Kelly and Kelly of Moorea, Donna and Jerry of Scott Free, Beth of Eagle’s Wings (Ken stayed home–not feeling well tonight), Joe of Maggie Drum, Gwynn and Sandy of Aloha, and yours truly of Windbird. We have really bonded with this group and will find it very hard to leave knowing that we might not see some of these people ever again. Gwynn and Sandy of Aloha are leaving for Canada tomorrow morning and will not be returning until next season. Soon Ron and Cynthia are leaving and they, too, will not be returning until next season. It is doubtful that we will see them again. White Swan, Eagle’s Wings, and Ranger are headed to Fiji, so we will see them this season. But Felix and Monika, our good friends from Germany, are headed to Australia and then on to Malaysia, so we will not see them again until we can visit them in Germany or they can visit us in the United States. The bottom line is that we have made so many acquaintances and good friends in such a short time. I can’t imagine how we would ever make so many good friends in such a short time other than in the sailing community. The past eighteen months have cost us way more money than we expected but we have seen so much and made so many friends. Tonight just made us realize what a treasure we have found.

Tonight might have been our last Tuesday night at Reva’s. If all goes well, we will be leaving here on Monday. I talked with Reva tonight and promised to leave a picture of Windbird and a message from us in her memory book. Last week I came home and Googled Reva’s name and found that her brother is Gene Barry of Bat Masterson and Burke’s Law fame. Reva is herself a New Zealand treasure. For over 30 years she has made cruisers visiting New England have a home away from home. Thank you, Reva.

Boat work is still coming along. Mark finished painting the bottom today and I got one side of the boat waxed. It started raining hard just before noon and Marie of Ranger came to see if I would like to go grocery shopping during the rain. We left, and of course, the sun came out, but I got many more provisions bought and came home in time to attend a cruiser meeting and get the wax job completed. Anna Maria and Ernst of Galetea from Germany held a very informative meeting about cruising in Fiji this afternoon. There are so many wonderful possibilities for cruising there that it would be easy to just stay there for the whole season. Who knows? We might just do that. That’s the magic of the cruising lifestyle. You make plans, but you know you must be flexible. If you find a place that is just absolutely wonderful, you can change your plans and just stay there. That, too, is a one of life’s treasures.

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