NZ Land Logs 54, Year 2: Sun, Wind, Rain–Repeat
Date: Friday, April 13, 2007
Weather Today: Wind, Rain, Sun, Wind, Rain, Sun
Location: Whangarei, New Zealand

Our “interesting” weather continued today making it very clear that it is no longer summer in New Zealand. First the sun would shine and it was beautiful. Then the wind start blowing and all of sudden the blue skies faded into gray. Then the torrents of rain came down and just as quick as it came, the rain would stop and the sun would come back out. This process repeated about half hour all day long. We saw Dianna of White Swan during one of the non-rainy periods and she said she felt like a yoyo. The sun would come out and she would head for the laundry, but before she could get to the end of the dock, the rains would come again and she would run back to the boat. It took her two hours to make it to the laundry. Mark was sanding the final coat of epoxy on the waterline area today, and he would no sooner dry things off and start sanding before the rains would return. At first, he would come back inside the boat, but eventually he just kept sanding through the rain or stopping and taking refuge under the boat. Three boats were supposed to go into the water today, but only two made it. They tried to time the launches so that the boats would be in the travel lift during one of the non-windy periods, but just like clockwork, as soon as a boat was put in the slings, the winds returned. I guess this is what is supposed to happen on Friday the 13th.

Kelly and Kelly of Moorea did make it back into the water today, as well as our neighbors Liz and Hans on Rev de Lune. Hans is German, Liz is Scottish, and the boat is French. Go figure. We are starting to feel a little lonely up here on the land. Ron and Cynthia on Rontu are still in the paint shed, Gwynn and Sandi of Aloha are on land but leaving soon for home, Beth and Ken of Eagle’s Wings are on land now, and Dave on Desire is our only next door neighbor. That’s it. There are a few other boats in the yard, but they either belong to locals that are only here once in a while or they are being stored on land. Most of the slips in the marina are still full, but even those are beginning to empty one at a time. Jorg and Sylvalee on Trudel sailed out of Riverside today headed for Bundaberg, Australia, and Pam and Scott of Starship are planning to leave on Sunday if weather permits, headed for Sydney, Australia. We are still thinking that we will be leaving by next weekend, but that is only if the weather cooperates just a little. We have days of painting–waterline stripe, shearline stipe, and the bottom. And we have to was the topsides. None of this can happen while it is raining, so we are hoping for a few sunny days.

I decided not to fight the rain today, so I worked inside. I completed the job that I really only thought about yesterday and that was cataloging all medical supplies onboard. Igot out all medical supplies and did a thorough listing of all medications and their uses. Before heading to the Caribbean in the fall of 2005, we took a three day off-shore medical course in Hampton, Virginia. We also signed up with the World Clinic in New London, New Hampshire. Dr. Carlin of the World Clinic supplied us with the prescriptions that we should be carrying in case of certain emergencies or illnesses and Jeff Isaacs of Wilderness Medical Associates in Colorado outfitted us with other medical supplies we might need. Mark had to take Keflex and Cipro for two different infections during the first year of cruising, and I had to use some of the bandages when I broke my leg, but other than that the medical supplies have remained untouched. Today gave me the chance to reaquaint myself with what we do have in order to determine what we will need to purchase before leaving here. My days end I was more than a little bored with the job, but I did get it done. Now I just have to figure out how to get the needed prescriptions here.

Tomorrow should be a painting day for us, so send thoughts of blue skies and plenty of sunshine our way.

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