NZ Land Logs 61, Year 2: Making Progress
Date: Friday, April 20, 2007
Weather Today: Absolutely Beautiful!
Location: Whangarei, New Zealand

According to my calendar, our grandbaby Sam is 90 days old today. Whatever calendar, he is three months old. How time flies! This morning when I was checking for emails, I got a Skype call from Heather and Sam. It was so great to see and to hear them. Sam’s hair is coming in as blondish-reddish and he still has blue eyes, even though those will probably change. Sam is a little chub at more than thirteen and a half pounds and he is a real cutie. Sam, we love you.

It was a beautiful day here. We worked inside the boat trying to get things put away. This took the whole morning, and then we pulled out the spinnaker to make sure it was dry. Mark worked on the bilge pumps this afternoon and I worked on cleaning our bicycles. Mark made a couple of trips into town early in the day to purchase parts he needed, and in the late afternoon, I went into town with Marie of Ranger. I went to copy some charts and to do the last of the grocery store shopping. I think we have everything we need except for the fresh foods and beer. We will buy the beer on Monday and get the fresh foods in Opua just before we leave for Fiji.

Tomorrow evening we hope to have a boat to boat visitation time. Since we will be leaving on Tuesday, weather permitting, we want to make sure that we have visited the various boats here. We always learn so much from seeing how other cruisers do things. Before we know it, we will be in Opua and then on our way to Fiji.