NZ Land Logs 21, Year 2: South Island–Fairlie to Christchurch
Date: Sunday, March 11, 2007
Weather Today: Sunny and in the Upper 60’s
Location: Christchurch, New Zealand

We actually did it. We drove from Fairlie to Christchurch this morning and headed directly for the beach just out of town and just took the rest of the day off. We checked into the Marine Bar and Backpacker in a town on the beach named Sumner. This was an Author’s Choice in the Lonely Planet New Zealand Guide and it was a good choice. Our accommodations for tonight are a little cramped–all four of us in a tiny room with bunk beds. But tomorrow night they have two double rooms (a double here has only one bed) for us. The place is immaculately clean and there is a big kitchen with eating tables and a huge living room. As I write this log, Alan and Helaine, and Mark and I, are the only people in the living room and it is really delightful. All of this, only two blocks from the beach, for $20 per person. Not bad.

We took a walk down to the beach after we got here and watched all of the local New Zealanders enjoying a lazy Sunday at the beach. There were lots of surfers and even more people just having fun on the beach. Tomorrow morning Helaine is going to go swimming with the dolphins while the rest of us head into Christchurch. We will do a walking tour of the city and go punting on the River Avon. Until tomorrow evening . . . Cheerio.

070311 Web Pics–Fairlie to Sumner