Day 89, Year 2: Sunday in Nabukeru Village in Sawi-i-Lau Bay
Date: Sunday, July 22, 2007
Weather: Rainy Day
Location: Sawa-i-Lau, Yasawa Group, Fiji

Today was a rainy day, but none-the-less, it was a good one. We weren’t sure when we got up whether or not we would be leaving here and traveling south, but pretty soon we made the decision to attend church and travel south tomorrow. Our weather reports told us that rain would be coming this evening and continuing tomorrow, so part of us wanted to go south today in better weather, but the other part wanted one more Sunday church experience in Fiji. That part won.

We went to shore just after 9:30 AM thinking church would begin at 10:00. Sione, the young man that took us to the caves yesterday, met us on the beach. He had heard me say yesterday that I would love to buy some nautilus shells, but that is forbidden on Sunday. Regardless, he told me that his mother had shells for me. I was to come back after church. Mark, Steve, and I then walked to the church. The village children were still in Sunday School class when we arrived. They soon emerged from
the Church. Eleven year-old Kulai that we had met yesterday came out to welcome us and he showed us where we should sit in the church. He then went over to do the first drumming to alert that village that it was time to come to church. Kulai is such a charming young man and we are so glad we got to meet him. At about 10:30 AM church finally started. It was a Methodist Church and the singing was beatiful. The lay clergy was a woman and the minister only gave the final prayer. After church we
were invited by the church spokesman to come to his home for lunch. A couple from Switzerland were also in attendance and invited to lunch. I am constantly amazed by the Fijian people and their ability to feed the multitudes with very little food. We were presented with a wonderful lunch and we will forever remember the kindness of these people.
While we were waiting for lunch to be prepared, Sione motioned to be from a distance, and I went over to see him. His mother had wonderful nautilus shells for me to buy, but I was asked to not say a word to anyone in the village as selling things on Sunday is strictly forbidden. I bought the shells and asked Sione to put them into the dinghy when no one was looking. I also told him that he could keep the copy of “The Blue Lagoon” DVD. I think I have probably corrupted this village for generations
to come with this DVD, but I also think they should see why it is so many tourists flock to this destination.

I’m missing the greatest educational debate in history as I write this log. I’m not allowed to participate since I have to write. Mark and Steve are debating when and how a government should decide to supplement the educaton of students. In Fiji, education is state supported only until grade 8. After that parents must pay.

We are so happy that Steve has been here to experience Fiji with us. We only have four more days, so the clock is ticking.

070722 Day 89 Yasawa Group, Fiji–Sunday in Nabukeru Village, Yasawa Island
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