Day 213, Year 2: Turtle Watch
Date: Friday, November 23, 2007
Weather: Mostly Overcast
Location: Bundaberg Port Marina, Australia

Today we packed, unpacked, repacked, and did it all over again. It is tough fitting in everything you want to bring home and stay within the flight weight and size limits limits. There are many books that we want to keep and we had hoped to bring home, but most are staying here as they are just too heavy. We also had many shells that we wanted to bring, but those are staying here as well. The good news is that we are packed and ready to go. Now we can spend the next two days doing the last few
things on the boat and enjoying Bundaberg.

Tonight we are going to Mon Repos beach where there is a turtle reserve. We had planned to go earlier, but no turtles have been coming in. Last night there were four loggerheads who came ashore and laid their eggs. This was after a long dry spell with no turtles, so we are hoping for a few for tonight. The moon is almost full, so it should be a beautiful night on the beach, with or without turtles. Each night this week about 180 people have been showing up and waiting until after midnight to
see nothing but the beach. I hope our turtle watch tonight is more successful. I’ll log a full report tomorrow night.