Day 190, Year 2: Life on the Dock
Date: Wednesday, October 31, 2007
Weather: Sunny and Very Warm
Location: Bundaberg Port Marina, Australia

Mark spent his day washing the engine with fresh water, finding and repairing tiny puncture holes in the dinghy, repairing a through-hull fitting, and replacing rusty hose clamps under sinks. I did yet another hand laundry, cleaned the cockpit cushions and the cockpit, and as Mark says–generally washed everything in sight. Mark and I both worked online trying to find flights from Boston to Charlotte so we can go to my sister’s 50th wedding anniversary party and then wrote a lengthy email to our
kids to share the information with them in hopes that they can join us. In the late afternoon I cut Mark’s hair and then it was time to go to the first Port-2-Port Rally gathering. Tonight it was a bar-b-que and it was fun to talk with many of the participants and to reunite with some good friends. Bob and Dianna on White Swan came in last night and Cynthia, Tim, and Cameron on Arctic Fox came in this morning, so we visited with them this evening. I forgot to mention in yesterday’s log that Ute
and George of Miami are here, and tonight we saw Alison and Paddy of Zfarse who must have arrived today. Most of the boats are in although we have not seen Christina and Blue Marlin. Maybe tomorrow. Our day begins in the morning with a Rally breakfast and ends tomorrow evening with a curry dinner. In between, we will continue to do all of the little jobs that need to be done before we can leave Windbird in Australia while we return home. We are enjoying life here on the dock.