Day 141, Year 2: The Drizzles Continue
Date: Wednesday, September 12, 2007
Weather: Overcast and Drizzly
Location: Port Vila, Efate

We continue to be dominated by a trough that leaves us without sunshine and with drizzles pretty much all day long. But at least it is not pouring rain. Mark and Paul on Ranger went to Customs early this morning to check-in and then Mark and I spent the better part of the morning doing various computer jobs. I also spent time getting the very last photograph named and giving all of the photo folders to Mark to caption in Picasa so he could start the uploading process today.

Just after noon, we went to shore and Mark made himself at home at the Connect Cafe while I walked to town to send the CD for Maureen’s retirement, to get money from the ATM, and to pick up some bread and lettuce from the market. I have to admit that I spent a bit of time just browsing through the downtown shops after accomplishing my goals, and then I headed back to the Connect Cafe which is right next door to the Waterfront Bar & Grill.

For those of you who are waiting for new photos, you’ll have to wait at least another day or two. The connection was slow today and Mark only got a few folders uploaded. Hopefully tomorrow’s connection will be faster and he will get them all uploaded. I’ll fill you in on that tomorrow night.

When I returned from town, I spent some time checking our website and reading some of the comments that have been posted there over the past month. There are a couple of people who seem to follow our adventures pretty closely and then there are many friend who reconnect with us after long lapses through the website. And then there are totally random people who find our website and with whom we often find we have other connections.

We are probably here for a few days while we wait for the right weather window for heading to New Caledonia. Mark has been following the weather and he thinks the window might come as soon as Sunday. Not sure we’ll be ready to leave by then, but we will continue working in that direction. Next stop–New Caledonia.