Day 111, Year 2: Arrival in Port Vila
Date: Monday, August 13, 2007
Weather: Sunny Day; Winds ESE 15-20
Latitude: S 17 Degrees, 44.782 Minutes
Longitude: E 168 Degrees, 18.724 Minutes
Location: Port Vila, Efate Island, Vanuatu

Wow! What a great downwind sail we had from Tanna to here. Downwind always means that you rock and roll a bit, but we had great winds and sailed wing and wing all the way from Tanna to just outside the entrance to the inner harbor here. We arrived at just about the same time as Pantafive, a Danish boat that left Port Resolution a couple of hours before us, and a few hours before Ranger, who left Port Resolution with us.

This is going to be a short log. There is much to share about what we discovered here in Port Villa today, but I am frankly just too tired to write. We now know that the incidence of marlaria in the islands here is much less this year than last, so that is good news. After much searching, we found the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization and they had some information to share. I’ll just have to give the malaria update tomorrow.

Port Vila is a delightful little town, half English and half French. Tomorrow we will spend the morning in the internet cafe and then tour the town in the afternoon. We will spend Wednesday getting ready for our next month in the out islands, and then off we go.

Note: We found out today in an email from my sister-in-law Sue that our logs have not been posting for the past few days. Tomorrow morning is dedicated to website work–posting pictures and posting any logs that are missing. Not sure what the problem might be, but just be aware that if a log is not posted for a day, it is a technical error. I post each and every day. We apologize for the break in postings and hope we can figure out the problem so this doesn’t happen again.

070813 Day 111 Efate, Vanuatu–Arrival in Port Vila