NZ Land Logs 37, Year 2: Boats on the Move
Date: Tuesday, March 27, 2007
Weather Today: Mostly Cloudy; Periods of Sprinkles–Again
Location: Whangarei, New Zealand

The really good news is that our grandbaby Sam had a great day yesterday. On Sunday night, he actually slept through the night and awoke at 5:30 am with a smile on his face. He then continued to have a good day. This could just be a one of a kind day, or possibly Sam is getting old enough to figure things out. Let’s hope it is the latter and that there will be many more of these days in the near future.

Here in the marina, today was a day of movement. Our next door neighbors, Ranger, left midday to head to the fuel dock. From there they were pulled into the sling and then lifted out of the water. They had to wait while White Swam was put back into the water. It is obvious that everyone is getting ready for the trip north and that in the next couple of weeks here we will see boats going on land and back into the water daily. White Swan is now our new neighbor and Ranger, our old neighbor, is up on the hard. We will probably haul out just after Easter and be ready to go by mid to late April. Busy times ahead.

We got an email from Alan and Helaine letting us know that they made it back home safely. We hope they are enjoying their memories of our adventures as much as we are. Today we basically worked on organizational chores and then went to Reva’s for dinner with our friends Beth and Ken of Eagle’s Wings. They got back from their South Island travels yesterday and we got a chance to compare our trips during dinner tonight. Tomorrow is the crusier “Share” meeting when we all get together and share whatever information we have in terms of charts and books for this next cruising season. This meeting should get us all motivated for the months of cruising ahead.

070327 Web Pics–Boats On The Move