NZ Land Logs 30, Year 2: North Island—Day in Whangare
Date: Tuesday, March 20, 2007
Weather Today: Partly Sunny, Partly Cloudy
Location: Whangarei, New Zealand

Today was truly a day of rest. We all took a deep breath before continuing our explorations of the North Island. Alan headed into town around noon to attend the Whangarei Rotary noontime meeting while Helaine explored downtown Whangarei and Mark and I stayed aboard Windbird and ‘organized.’ Late in the afternoon, we all walked back into town for Cruiser’s Night at Reva’s in Town Basin. We met up with Monica and Felix from Makani and had a wonderful dinner together. We also saw other cruisers that we have not seen since December. It was a great evening and a reminder that very soon our “vacation” will be over and we will back in the ranks of world cruisers.

Tomorrow morning we will head north to the Bay of Islands and the next day on north to the tip top of the North Island–Cape Reinga. We will be back on Windbird at the end of that day, but then take off early the next morning to explore the Kauri forests on the west side of the North Island. Before we know it, we will be taking Alan and Helaine back to Auckland for their trip back to Concord, New Hampshire. Time flies when you are having so much fun.

070320 NZ Web Pics–Evening at Reva’s in Whangarei