Day 66, Year 10: Arrival in Puerto Rico
Date: Monday, December 15, 2014
Weather: Sunny and Warm, Early Evening Rain
Location: Visiting with Justin, Jo, Ziggy, and Coco in Aguada, PR

A big thanks to our friend Lee Kaufman who picked us up at 6:30 am and took us to the Myrtle Beach airport to catch our flight to Puerto Rico. The flight to Fort Lauderdale and then on to San Juan went without a hitch. We arrived safely in San Juan mid-afternoon and were greeting by sunny skies, warm weather, and our son Justin. You’ll never guess what we did first. Are you trying to guess? We went to West Marine! Justin needed some fabric guard to apply to their Soul Pad tent and West Marine was just the place to get it. It’s a nice West Marine close to the water and across the street from a Fresh Mart (closest thing to Whole Foods here in PR), so we did a little food shopping. We then walked down the street to Best Buy to get a much-needed printer for Justin and had dinner on the same block at a place called Yummy. We had seaweed salad and sushi while we waited for the rush hour traffic to calm down a bit. It starts at 3 pm and goes on until almost 7 pm. We timed things perfectly and left San Juan to drive to the west coast just as the heavy traffic was ending.

Justin and Jo live about a block from the ocean in the town of Aguada. It was very dark by the time we arrived, so we’ll explore the area tomorrow. Ziggy and Coco were waiting up to see us when we arrived and we spent the next hour playing with them. Coco greeted us with big hugs in the drive-way and she then took us on a tour of the house. This included going to greet Ziggy in the playroom where he was building with Legos, introducing us to the puppies who are calling this their temporary home until new owners can be found, and then taking us out back to the guest house where we are staying. We gave Ziggy and Coco some arrival gifts, did some Lego building with both grandkids, read a couple of books, and then it was time for bed for the little ones. After the kids went to sleep, we visited with Justin and Jo. It is so wonderful to be here and to have time to relax and visit Justin, Jo, and kids. And I must rave about their Christmas tree. I saw a photo of it on Facebook a couple of weeks ago, but it is even more impressive in person. Since Christmas trees here are imported from the US, Jo decided to collect some of the abundant drift wood on the beach and make a Christmas tree. It is stunning as you can see in the photo below.

141215 Day 66 Puerto Rico–Arrival in Aguada