Day 377, Year 10: Saying Farewells
Date: Thursday, October 22, 2015
Weather: Partly Sunny and Warm–High in the 60’s F
Location: Quissett Harbor, Falmouth, MA

Despite all sorts of problems, we think we will be taking off in the morning. I say ‘think’ because Mark has developed another urinary tract infection and is feeling just terrible. But we are hoping the antibiotic will kick in overnight and that he will feel like sailing tomorrow. But if not, we will wait until he is ready.

We are still trying to decide whether we should head straight to the Delaware Bay or whether we should go across the Long Island Sound to New York City and down the East River to Sandy Hook. The weather reports tomorrow morning will help us make the final decision. Our crew member, James, is onboard, the dinghy and dinghy motor are stored on deck, and the boarding ladder is up. Tonight we had our traditional farewell dinner with Heather, Jed, and boys. We also said our farewells to Geoff and Chris of Shambala. So we are ready even though it was a tremendous rush to get this point so quickly. I still have lots of food that needs to be stowed away, so I’ll work on that as we sail. It is supposed to be a little rowdy tomorrow with 20 knot winds, but if it is too rough to store things, I’ll do it on Saturday when the wind is supposed to all but die out. The weather is certainly giving us a run for our money in planning this passage.

151022 Day 377 Cape Cod, USA–Saying Farewells

I must add this note about the wild turkeys in downtown Falmouth. Today we were in town with Geoff and Chris and we given an impromptu show by the turkeys. We first noticed them last summer and this summer there seems to be double the number. So they are flourishing in the city. One Tom Turkey really put on a show for us today by fanning his tail feathers. I think he thinks he is a peacock!

151022 Day 377 Cape Cod, USA–Turkeys in Downtown Falmouth