Day 372, Year 10: Another Soccer Saturday
Date: Saturday, October 17, 2015
Weather: Sunny and Cool, High in the 50’s F, Low Tonight in the 30’s F
Location: Quissett Harbor, Falmouth, MA

It was another Soccer Saturday for Oma and Granddad. We went to Sam’s game in the morning, brought Ollie back to the boat for lunch, and then drove back into Falmouth for Jonah’s 1:30 pm game. After the game we drove to Heather and Jed’s so we could use their yard to roll out Windbird’s original mainsail to check it out. Our current mainsail is showing signs of old age and we wanted to see if the old sail is in good enough shape to use as a backup. The captain thinks it is, so we’ll take it with us . . . just in case.

It is looking like we might have a weather window ‘of sorts’ that will allow us to leave here a week from today. The winds turn to come from the north on Friday, but at this point Friday looks a little too windy with unsettled seas. Things settle down on Saturday and then settle a little too much on Sunday. As it looks right now, we might be motoring most of the way. We’d like to wait for an opening that would allow us to sail, but the forecast for the following week looks bleak. We might just have to take the less than perfect window and motor. Tomorrow the young man who is going to go with us as crew is coming down from Boston to meet Windbird. James is the grandson of Jed’s Aunt Sue and Uncle John and I think the last time we saw him was Christmas of 2007 in Maine when he was ten. Tomorrow we will go over Windbird’s major systems with James and answer any questions he might have. Then we will get serious about getting ready to sail south. Much to do this week!

151017 Day 372 Cape Cod, USA–Another Soccer Saturday

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