Day 371, Year 10: Jiggity-jog
Date: Friday, October 16, 2015
Weather: Sunny and Cool, High in the 50’s F
Location: Back Home on Windbird, Quissett Harbor, Falmouth, MA

I titled the log “Jiggity-jog” because I didn’t want to write “Home Again, Home Again” again . . . and besides, I knew you would fill in the words with the prompt. We have been to Boston and home again too many times in the past six weeks, but Mark is almost finished with his radiation treatments. Monday will be the last one and we will celebrate!!!

We just got home because we offered to babysit for Heather and Jed tonight while they went to a friend’s birthday party. It is after midnight, way past time to go to bed, so I’m making this log short. We had a good day. Mark is feeling okay, not great, but good enough. The weather is still beautiful, but cooling off quickly. We might have our first frost this weekend. And we really enjoyed seeing the boys tonight. Heather has to be out of town tomorrow and it is soccer Saturday, so Mark and I will help Jed with child watch while he coaches the two soccer teams. As always, we find a way to keep ourselves busy, busy.

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