Day 370, Year 10: Back to Boston
Date: Thursday, October 15, 2015
Weather: Mostly Sunny and Windy, Cooling Down
Location: AstraZeneca Hope Lodge, Jamaica Plain Neighborhood, Boston, MA

I drove back to Boston today to be with Mark. These double radiation treatments are zapping his energy, so I wanted to be here to take to him his afternoon treatment. Riding public transportation is great, but not when you aren’t feeling good. We are having a quiet evening and in the morning we will clean the apartment in preparation of Mark moving out. He will return to Boston on Monday for his last treatments. Hurry! And then we will get down to the serious business of figuring out when we can sail south. Right now the weather next week is not encouraging. The forecast at this time looks like there might be favorable winds on Friday and no wind on Saturday, but then on Sunday the wind once again comes from the south. We could take the two day window and get to the Delaware Bay, but that would not be our first choice. But if the forecast for the following week looks no better, we might have to take what we get.