Day 368, Year 10: Number of Days in a Year
Date: Tuesday, October 13, 2015
Weather: Rain Early, Partly Cloudy Day, Windy Evening
Location: Quissett Harbor, Falmouth, MA

This log says it is Day 368 of Year 10 in the Voyage of Windbird. I don’t know about you, but the last time I checked on the number of days in a year it was 365 or 366 in a leap year. But my log years represent cruising seasons, not actual calendar years. This year, Year 10, will end when we sail out of Quissett Harbor to go south for the winter. We’re hoping that will be sometime late next week. All we need is three days of gentle winds from the north to get us safely to Norfolk. So we just have to be patient. If we’re really lucky, we will be able to leave next Wednesday or Thursday and the number of days in this cruising year will be 376 or 377. But if next week doesn’t work, our departure date needs to be sometime before the end of the month. The weather watch is on.

The rain this morning was torrential and it delayed our planned trip to the dock to fill Windbird’s water tanks. But as predicted by Weather Underground, at 10 am the rains slacked off and we were able to leave the mooring and head to the dock. We took full advantage of being tied to the dock. Not only did we fill the water tanks, but Mary Ellen and Lee got off with their things, we off loaded our kayak and generator for winter storage, and we loaded on cases of beer for our passage south. So most of the heavy work in preparation of leaving is done. I’m sure we’ll find other things we need to offload and others that we want to bring onboard, but we at least have a good start. Mark and I took Windbird back out to the mooring and then I took Mark to shore. He left with Mary Ellen and Lee for Boston. Lee and ME are staying at the Hope Lodge with Mark tonight and tomorrow they will continue their fall road trip—next stop Buffalo, New York. We had a wonderful visit with them and hope to see them again this winter when we are in Florida. After they left, I drove to storage to get the kayak and generator located in their winter home and then I went to Heather and Jed’s to do some laundry. I was really headed to the laundromat near their home, but when I got there I found that it is closed for renovations. The advantage of going to the laundromat is that everything can be washed at the same time. But since that wasn’t possible, I did as much as I could at Heather’s and will continue tomorrow. And since I was ‘in the neighborhood’ Heather asked me to pick Sam and Jonah up from school. In the early evening I met Bob and Beth Lux for dinner in downtown Falmouth. They are yacht club friends from Concord, New Hampshire, who have had their sailboat in Quissett Harbor since mid-August. We went to the Mexican restaurant in downtown Falmouth and had a great dinner. They are here to sail Rhodora across Buzzards Bay for winter storage. We didn’t talk about their plans for next summer, but it would be great if they came back here as it is so nice to have cruising friends in the harbor.

151013 Day 368 Cape Cod, USA–Saying Farewell to Mary Ellen and Lee